Inspite of so many restrictions and other hurdles Philately is flourishing in India. Inpex 2013 had overwhelming response from all over India, despite its late announcement of the show. We had more than 1100 frame applications along with some late entries.

Inpex 2013 is being held to promote Philately. Therefore the allotment committee has allotted more than 100 frames to youth including school collections, while in Indipex 2011, a total of 31 frames was allotted to them.

The Allotment Committee also kept a balance in providing entries to old collectors as well as 1st time entries, giving opportunity to many 1st entries. We wish we could have given a chance and promote all of them but it was not possible to allot 1100 frame entries in 750 frames (50 being kept for the Department of Post and Jury entries). Hence, we decided to keep a few of the entries on hold, to give them a chance in case some entry is withdrawn and/or there is a no show entry. If the on-hold participants do not like this idea he/she can say no to this proposal.

Indipex 2011 had a total of 114 Indian participants besides 28 Literature Class and around 581 frames were allotted to them. On the other hand inspite of limited number of frames, Inpex 2013 have allotted 749 frames to 176 participants besides the literature class and kept about 40 frame entries on hold.


Inpex 2013 is planning 5 special covers, one each day, one booklet and a set of Maxi Card. The work is under process but we need sponsorers for them. We hope the Philatelic fraternity, Dealers and well wishers come forward and offer financial help. The Philatelic Society of India cannot fund such a mega event on its own. It is and it should be a joint venture and duty of all philatelists to come forward and contribute whatever possible and not just criticize. We believe and expect a positive approach.


Inpex 2013 will be publishing a Souvenir-cum-Catalogue. There will be a philatelic message in every page including advertisement pages. We approach all of you to send your advertisement and/or get more of these from others to help finance this show. Every small contribution counts.


Inpex 2013 also has another scheme i.e. to be a patron of the event. We request you to come forward and become a patron by donating a sum of Rs.25,000/-. The Patron’s name will come on our website, be printed in the Souvenir and be displayed at the Philatelic Society of India’s booth at Inpex 2013.


We had planned 95 Dealers Booths at the venue which are almost full. We hope to get your complete support morally and financially. We invite you to visit this mega event. You are a big part of it and its success depends a lot on you.