An event of such a magnitude requires a large finacial commitmment and help from like minded people. To that end we solicit your support in the form of Sponsorship for INPEX 2017.

Further we invite businesses to join INPEX 2017 as sponsors and in turn help create a custom solution for advancing your marketing strategy during INPEX 2017.

PSI also intends to release Special Covers and other philatelic issues during INPEX 2017, for which the tariff is as:
Special Cover - each day
Booklet- each day
Children Painting Competition
Philatelic Quiz Competition
Workshop On Philatelic
Free Give Away Kits 4000
Inpex 2017 Patron
For any further information regarding sponsorship for INPEX 2013, Please contact Smt. Damyantiji Pittie (9930367660, or Email us on